Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rule Britannia

I'm tired lately, not the slightly sleepy tired, or I've been busy tired - a down to the bones tired and I don't know why.

I clearly remember as a kid never being tired - it seemed as if we all were on autopilot as kids, the days swiftly melding into months and years. I want to be that kid again and I want the tired to just stop.

Last night on the news they were talking about how much US employees work. It was pretty clear from the tone the correspondent blamed technology - pagers, phones, email and texting keeping us too connected - but I don't buy that. I have a cell phone that never, well rarely, rings. I have a Palm pilot - and all I do with it is use it as an overpriced appointment calendar.

The news spot said the French get on average 39 days of leave, the Brits 24 and drum roll please the US 12. I say we mount a new revolution - we want Britain to be great again and take us back. I mean normally I would say lets all go to France - but frankly those folks are too grumpy, pompous and kinda gross - I'm thinking 39 days may be a few days too much.

Imagine, going back to the English fold! We could get rid of the Bush family and begin royalty bashing. We could get great holidays like the Queen's birthday off - which honestly isn't even her real birthday. How cool. And all our vacations would be referred to as breaks or going on holiday! I could be my own Bridget Jones!!

Well, I'm not feeling any less tired, but I am invigorated by the thought of becoming a loyal subject of the crown. Is anyone with me on this?? Don't forget - if we start this re-revolution we also get to start driving on the left side of the road too!!!!

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