Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Never Fear...

Never fear, Dory here!! I must apologize for my over scheduled human, I have been begging her to help me post since we got home from Gramma’s house!!! Needless to say it took Peanut leaving a comment wondering where I was to motivate her!!
*SIGH* Mom tells me that her job is busy at this time of year, that we have lots of things scheduled like dog school and it’s hard finding time being a single dog mom!! You know humans, excuses, excuses, excuses!!
Well on to more important subjects... We had a great time at Gramma’s!!

There was good food, lots of playing with Zach, Mollie and Mac and LOADS of loving from everyone...

especially Uncle Harvey!!! :)

The humans spent time getting apples,

pumpkins and
My human also spend time with Uncle Harvey making stained glass things – I am not allowed to say more because the things Mom made were for Christmas presents, so no photos of that!!

Sadly we had to come home, but on the plus side Mom says we are going out in November TWICE, once to celebrate Uncle Harvey turning 80 and then for Thanksgiving!! It sounds like both upcoming trips will involve lots of good food and family!! More real soon – I PROMISE!

Love, Dory


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh we love your posts, they are always so interesting Dory and Uncle Harvey looks like the best fun.

We would like to know more about cider donuts, they are new ones on us.

We only know cider!

love from very sunny and warm, Indian Summer Scotland.....it is beautiful here at the moment!

love and many licks to you Dory and your Mama, from Marvin and Jeannie in Bonnie Central Scotland xxxxxx

Peanut said...

Oh glad you are okay. Looks like you had fun at your Gramma's house.
Tell your mom to stop being so busy.

Maggie & Mitch said...

Cider donuts??????!!!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmm
We're awarding you the Halloween sweet award! Check out my blog!

Love ya lots,

Charlie said...

Ooooooh, any trip with food and family is a trip I want to take!
- Charlie

Joe Stains said...

What is a cider donut, I never heard of it! looks like grams house is TONS of fun!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Glad you are back Dory - we missed you. Hugs to your mumma too.


Gus said...

Missed you and your mom! Glad all is OK. Short posts are very good, as long as you have pictures.

Give Uncle Harvey Lots of kissies. I miss my Uncle Ray

Sophie Brador said...

Dory, We just love all those pictures of you with the other labbies at your grandma's place. I wish I could visit her too. Do you think she would mind a blondie popping by.


Johann The Dog said...

Glad you had a great time and glad you are back! Those donuts look yummy! Woofs, Johann

FleasGang said...

Did you get to carve a pumpkin? Our Pop tried to carve Simon's face in one our ours and it turned out hideous! He said he's gonna stick with the traditional triangle eyes on the other ones :-)

The Fleas

Oh, and we just hit you with the 2007 blog snowball! Check out our blog to find out how to join in on the fight :-)

Cairo The Boxer said...

Happy birthday to your Uncle Harvey! Looks like you had tons of fun and played a lot.

Agatha and Archie said...

Ah...a cider donut!! The joys of living in New England !!!This is our favorite season!! Love A+A

Patty Dogster said...

Woof! Love those pup photos. Would you like to enter them into Dogster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show? We would love to have you enter! It's free, there's some awesome prizes, and you can vote on your favorite photos. Wooof!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory
Glad to see you again! Sure you had great time at your Granma's! And you will be back there soon!
Tell your Uncle Harvey we wish him a Happy Birthday!
Have a nice weekend

Randi said...

mmm..yummy..cider donuts....sounds wonderful! I love all your butt shots & wagging tails....looks like a fun time all around!

Love & Licks,

Happy Burpday to your uncle Harvey!

Amici said...

Happy Birthday to your Uncle Harvey!! Hope his birthday is a blast!

We love your pics of play. You all seemed to have a grand time!

Cider donuts sure do sound yummy!

ronin the pug said...

Happy Birthday to your Uncle Harvey!!! Oh donuts... yummieee!